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Examples from 1969 to 2023

Take and eat - klaus guingand artwork 2023

Take and eat

Klaus Guingand NFT art : On October 21 on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, Guingand will be making his first foray into NFT art. He will be putting himself up for auction, or rather, to be more specific, a unique NFT Title of Ownership of Klaus Guingand. The auction also includes two NFT videos, one of his heartbeats, the other of his first dream, as well as 37 unique photos of his most recent echocardiogram These NFTs are the foundation of a story the artist will be telling with NFTs.

Ten commandments.


Art energy drink-by Klaus Guingand-2016



Devotion - Klaus Guingand artwork
The vomit bag art fairs - klaus Guingand artwork- 2015

The vomit bag art fairs.


C'est clair ? - klaus Guingand artwork
Guingand destroys Banksy - 2011 - Klaus Guingand artwork
Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe - klaus Guingand artwork
La fente- 2010 -Video art. You look, 100  people looked you. Klaus Guingand artwork.
Mafiart - klaus Guingand artwork
Untitled - klaus Guingand artwork
The death of seven deadly sins Seven Funeral Urns of 12.9 inches each. Klaus Guingand artwork- 2007
MK2 swarovski - klaus Guingand artwork
Falls - 2003- Pictures - Klaus Guingand artwork



$ 100 Dollarts bill - klaus Guingand artwork
Pumps - 2012 -  Klaus Guingand



Colt 38 in ice - 1992. Real Colt 38 in the ice. Ephemeral artwok Klaus Guingand artwork
L'esprit de la matière -1989 Gilded bronze 24 K Gold - 2.7 in Klaus Guingand artwork
Chance - 1982. Painting Klaus Guingand artwork
 Accident - 1976 - Klaus Guingand artwork
No title- 1972. Klaus Guingand artwork
2022_klaus_guingand_artwork bracelet.jpg

La guerre

"Phrase loader"


2020 - Walk to the park.


Klaus Guingand artwork :Talion law | 2017

Talion law.


The Evil Lord - painting by Klaus Guingand-2015
People-artwork by Klaus guingand



Rich artists poor art Ten Amex Centurion cards. Every card in the name of one of the ten richest visual artists in the world. Every card is in a frame has two sides. Each frames is shown in a rotating disc with facets. Jeff Koons,  Damien Hirst,  Takashi Murakami,   Maurizio Cattelan,  David Hockney,  Banksy,  Anish Kapoor,  Cindy Sherman, Shepard Fairey,  David Choe -klaus Guingand artwork
Kill it ! - klaus Guingand artwork
California Quad / 2016 -V8 3.2 - Klaus Guingand artwork

California Quad.


Guingand changes Banksy- klaus Guingand artwork - 2011
ORDO AB CHAO- Klaus Guingand artwork - 2010
Prenez et mangez - klaus Guingand artwork
Mafiart - klaus Guingand artwork
Warning artist (2008) - klaus Guingand artwork
 Action Art video - 2007 Music & video created by Klaus Guingand.



klaus guingand art.gif
The heart of Art - 2003- Outside: Structure square of 16.4 feet completely covered with gold 24 carats, installed on three large white marble flagstones. Interior: Walls left, right-hand side, entry and ceiling upholstered of violated leather. Diffusion a video a true human heart which bldg. One hears the sound of the heart by far. Klaus Guingand artwork
$ 100 Dollarts bill verso - klaus Guingand artwork
 Behind the door - 1996. Picture. Klaus Guingand artwork
L'avertissement - 1991- My sentence on mirror 60 x 28 in. " It is in the great catastrophes of the future that you will understand your mediocrity." Klaus Guingand artwork
Shadow paintings (1987- 2002) 200 international stars & celebrities have posed for Klaus Guingand.
Three Brothers - 1980 - Klaus Guingand artwork
No Title -1976. Klaus Guingand artwok

"My Grandfather Emile"




2020 - Walk to the park.


Klaus Guingand artwork : New encounter | Due to the law, it is impossible to show you this work of art.

New encounter.


Spirit of Ecstasy -artwork by Klaus Guingand-2016
It's understood ! - artwork by Klaus Guingand
Défonce-le ! - klaus Guingand artwork
In God we trust plexiglass briefcase - klaus Guingand artwork
$ Dollarts printing - klaus Guingand artwork
Little Mafiart - klaus Guingand artwork
 Caverne - klaus Guingand Art vidéo - 2010
In God we trust /$ 20 million cash - klaus Guingand artwork
Future paradigme - 2008 - Glass, radio frequency identifier and antenna. 17,71 x  5,51 in - 6,61 livres.  Klaus Guingand artwork
L'origine du monde - klaus Guingand artwork
klaus Guingand artwork: MK2 Swarovski  : 2005
Peuples- 2002 - Printed doormat 27,55 x 15,7 In. Klaus Guingand artwork
In God we trust- $ One million cash- by klaus guingand - artwork-1999
Dream recording -1994  Object of the future. In the future, this device will be used to record (images and sounds) dreams. Humans can therefore watched these dreams, alone or with friends. There will be a museum of the most beautiful dreams.  Some people can make a fortune with the sale of a dream.  When this device is used by (almost) wholes humans, there will be no more war.  Klaus Guingand artwork
Vacuum cleaner Guingand - 1991 This vacuum cleaner aspires 4000 artists names of art history . Guingand has write itself these names. The Vacuum cleaner note recommends to empty bag well. Klaus Guingand artwork
 Waiting -1985. Sculpture: Canvas, wood, wool, bronze 43.30 in x 43.30 in Klaus Guingand artwork
Fin d'amitié -1978 - Klaus Guingand artwork
1975 La découverte de l'homme aux six faces 28 ans après sa naissance. Klaus Guingand artwork

"My Grandmother Angèle"


klaus Guingand artwork "Matthew 5.21"- 2017
Klaus Guingand artwork : Have a good day | Due to the law, it is impossible to show you this work of art.

Have a good day.


Warning artist - klaus Guingand artwork
Fracassala ! - klaus Guingand artwork
In God we trust - plexiglass
Les diables - klaus Guingand artwork
L'espoir est vain - Ballot box 17,71 x 17,71x17,71 In. Green neon and 33 envelopes. Klaus Guingand artwork
Dégénérescence d'une Nation - 2011- Degeneration in nation. Wood lettres, earth, 1870 blue,white and red flower, Exposure during 20 days, so that the flowers fade and fall to the ground with the earth. Video model. Klaus Guingand artwork
In God we trust /$ 20 million cash - klaus Guingand artwork
Art foudroyant - 2007- Metal panel  27.5 in x 23.6 inches. Klaus Guingand artwork
KG strike bag - klaus Guingand artwork
Shadow follows the substance - 2005/2008  Presenting the shadows paintings of 20 famous contemporary artists. Jasper Johns, Pierre Soulages,  Yayoi Kusama, Miquel Barcelõ, Jan Fabre, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Erwin Wurm, Brice Marden, Bernar Venet,  Wim Delvoye, Sandro Chia,  Dennis Oppenheim  Pierre Alechinsky, François Morellet,Fabrice Hyber,  Robert Wilson, Bertrand Lavier Jacques Monory, Robert Combas, Gottfried Honegger. By K.Guingand
In God we trust- $ One million cash (verso) -back - klaus Guingand -artwork-1999
La question (TV) - klaus Guingand artwork
La prophétie du sang de l'artiste - 1990. Klaus Guingand blood and his prophecy. Glasses. Read prophecy
1918 Mariage au front  - 1984 Acrylic on photo 122 x 80 in. Klaus Guingand artwork
Brest 2009 - 1976  By Klaus Guingand
The family -1974 .klaus Guingand Drawing.
Jeudi 16 heures - 1969. Klaus Guingand artwork
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