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Klaus Guingand, visual artist.

Klaus Guingand is a born artist. Extremely cultivated, unconventional and multidisciplinary, his creative power is phenomenal. He was encouraged by the famous American art dealer Leo Castelli and supported by the international art critic Pierre Restany, two myths in Art history of the 20th century. For his creations, he uses all existing techniques and media, the aim of his works is not aesthetics, but criticism and truth. His works are committed, prophetic or cynical. His subjects are time, God, truth, humanity, reality, power, death,our fears and art.

He is known in particular for his work "Shadows" 1987 /1997 created with the participation of 200 international celebrities, who posed for him In 1995, after his exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris, he donated one hundred "Shadow" works to help in the fight against AIDS. In 2012, he finished this work with the participation of 20 international artists such asJasper Johns, Yayoi Kusama, Brice Marden, Erwin Wurm, Pierre Soulages,Wim Delvoye, Miquel Barceló, Dennis Oppenheim, Jan Fabre, Bernar Venet, Pierre Alechinsky, Fabrice Hyber... and also for "Art warning the World"  the first and only global artwork in human history.

He created this work to defend freedom with the participation of 200 visual artists living in 200 countries around the world. Every artist lives in his country. Klaus Guingand's warning is translated into 137 national languages and written on the 200 flags of the 200 countries of the world by these artists. To date, over 12 million people have seen the video presentation.  

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