2005 / 2012

Guingand made "Shadow follows the substance" to finish his artwork. The last shadows with 20 famous visual artists.


Each artist pose for him, so that he can immortalize his shadow painted on a canvas 78 ¾ X 59 inches. 

Each artist signs the painting with Guingand. Each artist answers the same question and each meeting is filmed. 

Klaus Guingand starts his artwork shadow paintings in 1987.

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From 1987 to 2002, 200 international celebrities posed for Guingand

Jasper Johns
Pierre Soulages
Yayoi Kusama
Miquel Barceló
Brice Marden
Jan Fabre
Erwin Wurm
Bernar Venet
Wim Delvoye
Jean-Pierre Raynaud
Pierre Alechinsky
Fabrice Hyber
Dennis Oppenheim
François Morellet
Sandro Chia
Jacques Monory
Robert Wilson
Bertrand Lavier
Robert Combas
Gottfried Honegger

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