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1994 / 2012

In God we trust is an artwork criticism on the real value of art, the king dollar and materialism.


It took four years (legal) for create the $ 100 dollarts bill (Guingand).

The famous international art critic Pierre Restany was the expert on the artwork " $ dollart bill" (Guingand).

© Klaus Guingand

Thereafter the works "In God we trust" / $ one million cash should be made a  thousand   artworks  to  create  the  monumental  and  amazing  artwork  "In God we trust" / $ one billion cash.

"Artworks are always the result of a risky danger, an experiment conducted to the end, how far one can go further."


Rainer Maria Rilke


Nova Ars Seclorum - Drawing 1999

© Klaus Guingand


What is the value of Art ?



1994 : Klaus Guingand creates the word dollart (S). © TM by K.Guingand


1995/1998 : Creation of the $ 100 dollarts bills, first series.

Each bill has its serial number.


1999 : Video Klaus Guingand and Pierre Restany.


Pierre Restany became expert in the dollart bill (KG)


Since that time each bill has on the right the signature of Pierre Restany.

Each bill is signed on the left by Guingand.

Klaus Guingand artwork : "$ Dollarts printing" Prints 32 numbered bills :Dollart TM © Klaus Guingand : 1999


$ Dollarts printing - 1999 - Prints 32 numbered bills Klaus Guingand

May 1999 : Creation of the first "In God we trust" / "$ One million cash".

2009 : Creation of "In God we trust" $ 20 Million cash

2012 : Creation of "In God we trust"  briefcase plexiglas and "In God we trust" plexiglas.